Distinctions and awards

The excellence of our company has been noted more than once:

Press article in Le Droit:

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Palme Bronze Réno-Maître de l’APCHQ in 2016:

Renowned awards, Reno-Maître palms attest that a company certified by the banner has distinguished itself by its professionalism and excellence in customer service. The Bronze Palm is awarded to the company attesting 3 to 5 consecutive years of excellence.

Human Resources Award at the Excelor 2016 Gala of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce:

The company won this award thanks to its innovative management of human resources by implementing a system for monitoring and improving employee performance in connection with the PAMT (Workplace Learning Program) of Emploi-Québec.

Permacon Catalog:

Our work made the cover of the Permacon Catalog in 2015

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