A good first impression is an important, and essential, part of your corporate image. Therefore, Les entreprises Maréchal offer several commercial services to enhance your image. Our vast landscaping expertise allows us to complete large-scale multi-level projects, and our increased safety standards make our company the perfect team to carry out your projects. All of which are executed to perfection thanks to our teams of specialized professionals and within the allocated time frame.

We offer comprehensive services: hands-on project management, landscaping (hard and soft), excavation, construction of stone or wood structures and more. Our wide array of equipment allows us to execute projects of all sizes whether it be on the ground or on roof tops.

We participated in the realization and reconstruction of several commercial and municipal sites such as the reconstruction of the waterfront on Jacques Cartier street in Gatineau, 30 Victoria (GC office building), 41 Victoria (Brookfield Energy HQ), the VIU, the W/E, Ottawa Art Gallery and Le Germain Hotels project, Place de Ville at 300-330 Sparks street, Carling Campus project for DND Canada, Confederation Boulevard in front of the History Museum in Gatineau, several City of Gatineau road reconstruction and reinstatement projects, Agora, Zibi road Laval downtown, several condo buildings, and many more.

Management and construction of complete outdoor landscaping including:

  • Stone works (precast concrete products and natural stone):
    • Pavers and curbs
    • Retaining walls
    • Decorative walls
    • Reinforced retaining walls
  • Concrete and asphalt:
    • Sidewalks and slabs
    • Curbs
    • Retaining walls
    • Asphalt surfaces of all type
  • Softscape :
    • Soil placement and grading
    • Planting of flower beds, trees and shrubs
    • Green spaces
  • Work on roof tops and building structures (containing all of the applicable above services):
    • Terraces on conventionnal roofing surfaces (installed on pedestals)
    • Terraces on inverted roof surfaces
    • Crane work
  • And much more
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